. . . who was HOMELESS. He was POOR. He had no guaranteed shelter as he WANDERED from town to town. He had to have FAITH that the people he met along the way would provideĀ  for his needs, and oftentimes he found himself sleeping in the WILDERNESS, where he once spent 40 days being TESTED and TORMENTED. He told stories that his closest friends rarely understood, yet inspired HOPE everywhere he went, causing people to leave their life work at the DROP OF A HAT to follow him. His friends were crooked government officials. Prostitutes. Mistresses. The diseased and REJECTED. He was HATED BY THE RELIGIOUS, yet LOVED BY THE OUTCASTS. His own hometown rejected him, and his own people freed a criminal in order to put him to death. He was killed beside THEIVES before reaching 35 years old. His life was not one of PLEASURE OR COMFORT, but one of PERSECUTION AND CHANGE. He lived the life of a SERVANT, only to rise a KING.

Through his PERSECUTION, we were given SALVATION. Through his DEATH, we were given LIFE.