Patrick, I feel on the verge of insanity or revelation, destruction, or breakthrough. I fully believe that we have free will. I also believe that our free will does not hinder God’s will.

The Kingdom of Heaven is forcefully advancing and to me it’s like a looming blimp. Whenever we focus on our situation stuck in time, we focus on a domino that’s about to be overrun by the blimp. The point in time matters not – the Kingdom of heaven is much bigger and it would be wise to discern where it is headed.

It’s time for warriors to be trained as in Song of Songs 3:6-8. Noble warriors, experienced in battle, prepared for the terrors of the night. Nathan proclaimed that last night.

As I sit next to Patrick, I feel the presence of God and a sense of the kingdom ‘blimp’ looming. I realize that all of us in the room are part of something bigger. It’s suddenly clear that it’s never about me, Patrick, or anything of the sort. Its Gods glory and it will be revealed soon!

I feel called to certain locales and places during my breaks and I just obey when I am aware. Soon, I’m called to the kitchen, and as I walk in, there’s a whole group of Middle Eastern men and women having lunch, very communally. I feel called to just sit down and observe. They’re from Iraq and I just sit there remembering the dream Nathan had about the Arabic people. I desire to speak with one and ask God to send one my way.

Out of nowhere many bring their food over and sit around me. I see them laughing as they speak in Arabic and I wonder if Jesus sounded similar. I also wonder if they have happiness but lack joy.

Patrick walks in and it must be a strange sight to see me in a circle if Iraqis having a good time.

I realized something as I stare into Patrick’s eyes. It’s as if I can see into eternity.

Man was made for eternity.

Not much else occurs this day, as I head home.

I’m sorry Patrick. Today my heart is elsewhere – still on God but this needs to be written down. I call heaven and earth as witnesses that Nathan and I enter a generational friendship. We join today and the demons will shudder at what we will do for God. I promise a longer letter tomorrow.



Thoughts from Joel:

They will never take our freedom!

It has become obvious now that Patrick has given himself up to Christ, and is no longer doing it for self- gratification. Hallelujah!

Giving of ourselves, I feel, is the hardest part of Christianity. I know I’m still not 100% there, and a daily prayer of mine is to get to the point where I am completely and utterly lost to myself, and found only in Christ. The first step is realizing how much better God’s plan is for us than the plan we’ve developed for ourselves. We must get to know God so well that we are no longer in it so we’re on the list to enter heaven, but because we’ve realized how insufficient we are and how horrible our plan looks when it’s placed next to Christ’s plan for us.

“It’s time for warriors to be trained.”

Ultimately, this is what we embrace when we embrace the plan of God and cast our own plans aside. God has made us warriors – we must be trained and ready to fight off the terrors of the night.

Are you ready to fight off the terrors of the night? This is not passive Christianity. We are warriors, and WE MUST FIGHT! We must embrace our inner William Wallace! We are fighting for the freedom of our generation and the generations to come, that they may have eternal life in Christ – experiencing true freedom!

“May the praise of God be in your mouths, and a double edged sword in your hands.”   -Psalm 149:6

Fighting for Him,