In the quiet times – in the dead opposition of busyness – is where we truly see the colors drawn on our flags. In the isolation of self – that is where we discover our true allegiances.

So instead we strive for busyness. Because in busyness we can look to see only a cause. Only an interaction. Only a conversation. In our busyness, we are busy trying. Sometimes, it’s trying to be liked, or trying to give a good first impression. Other times, it’s trying to not be noticed. Regardless of what we’re trying to do or be, we must ask ourselves this:

Where do we go to stop trying? Where do we go to simply be?

For me, the meaningful, thoughtful part of me is found in solitude. It is found in the moments when a thought catches my mind and all else is blurred. It’s not always solitude as we see it, but is sometimes found within a moment of chaos, which makes it all the more beautiful. It is found in the real-life movie scene, where everything slows down. Voices soften. Faces blur. A single monologue begins.

It may ask questions. Or summarize. Or find a simple meaning or lesson in an otherwise complex situation. Life is about these moments, for these are the moments that shape us. Change us. Move us forward.

Life is lived for the simple moments found in chaos, like a light rain in the midst of a battle. These are the moments that refresh in the midst of calamity. The moments in which fear and confusion give way, opening up to something which improves our humanity and gives peace. You cannot manufacture these moments, you can only remember what you’ve learned, and look forward to the next. These are the moments which will always remind us the cherished moments are never written on a schedule. They just happen. Our job is to simply be ready.

Hopefully this makes sense in the morning.

One thought on “WRITTEN IN SILENCE

  1. After spending half of my adult life in Arizona, the iaegms of the Southwest really spoke to me. Saguaros with their arms raised in praise, that middle of nowhere, wide open sky darkness that lets the glory of the heavens shine through in a way that makes your heart ache just to see it. The rocks, the mountains, the expanse, the way a spring rain will bring life and a burst of color to what seemed a dead landscape ~ all speaks of God’s hand in creation.Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

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