Hope Award: Fathers in the Field

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d give you a quick opportunity to vote for an awesome ministry started by a friend of mine and great role model! It’s all about being mentors and showing the love of Christ to kids who grew up without a father’s example.

You can read about it here:


and vote for it here:


Thanks for your help, and pray that this ministry can gain momentum in order to impact the lives of kids around the country without fathers, showing them the father that can be found in Christ through these Godly men.


In the quiet times – in the dead opposition of busyness – is where we truly see the colors drawn on our flags. In the isolation of self – that is where we discover our true allegiances.

So instead we strive for busyness. Because in busyness we can look to see only a cause. Only an interaction. Only a conversation. In our busyness, we are busy trying. Sometimes, it’s trying to be liked, or trying to give a good first impression. Other times, it’s trying to not be noticed. Regardless of what we’re trying to do or be, we must ask ourselves this:

Where do we go to stop trying? Where do we go to simply be?

For me, the meaningful, thoughtful part of me is found in solitude. It is found in the moments when a thought catches my mind and all else is blurred. It’s not always solitude as we see it, but is sometimes found within a moment of chaos, which makes it all the more beautiful. It is found in the real-life movie scene, where everything slows down. Voices soften. Faces blur. A single monologue begins.

It may ask questions. Or summarize. Or find a simple meaning or lesson in an otherwise complex situation. Life is about these moments, for these are the moments that shape us. Change us. Move us forward.

Life is lived for the simple moments found in chaos, like a light rain in the midst of a battle. These are the moments that refresh in the midst of calamity. The moments in which fear and confusion give way, opening up to something which improves our humanity and gives peace. You cannot manufacture these moments, you can only remember what you’ve learned, and look forward to the next. These are the moments which will always remind us the cherished moments are never written on a schedule. They just happen. Our job is to simply be ready.

Hopefully this makes sense in the morning.


“Our hearts ache, yet we always have joy. We are poor, yet we give spiritual riches to others. We own nothing, yet we have everything.”            – 2 Corinthians 6:10

Oh, how counter-cultural this verse is to the Christianity I see today. The Christians I see today don’t display these traits, and that includes myself. I look around the room I’m in and see things I don’t need. I see excess, waste, and resources that could be better used, and this is evidence that I am not so detached from my belongings to the point of them being worthless to me. I am not at a level where I can proclaim that I have “nothing, yet everything.”

I am at a place where I could only proclaim that I have some things, and have some better things. I have possessions, and I have God. I have the things I cling to, and I have the things He’s given me thus far. I know that what He gives are the better things – much better in fact – yet the things I cling to are not the things I hold together with God, but the things I only hold myself. I am not yet at the point of possessing His entire character and letting go of my own insecurities, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be there before I leave this earth.

I still have me – some flawed parts of me – and until I lose those parts which He wants to take, I cannot have everything He wants to give me. Until I vanquish those parts of me, I only have most everything in Him – and the rest, which He wants to give, is only potential.

Yet in order to reach that potential, I must act! I must give! I must ask Him to point out those things I am clinging to and unclench my fist from the, letting Him take them. When He takes all is when 2 Corinthians 6:10 can be made true in my life and yours. It may be uncomfortable, terrifying, and uncertain, but it will also be full of comfort, peace, and certainty because we have let the One who knows better take control! We have let Him take everything, leaving us everything in return.

Give it all, and be given it all. This is the outcome of total surrender. Unclench your fist and let whatever you’re grasping fall to the ground.