Choosing Our Actions

I have never read a psalm that expresses the power of God as well as Psalm 29.

“. . . The voice of the Lord strikes with bolts of lightning.

The voice of the Lord makes the barren wilderness quake.”  –Psalm 29

The Lord has control over everything in this universe, yet has decided to give us the ability to choose everything in our lives, including our fate. He let us be a species of temptation, and greed, and pride, only so we can see the choices we’ve made in our lives and eventually realize we need more in order to experience true satisfaction. One verse that always reminds me of our need for God is Romans 5:19.

“Because one person disobeyed God, many became sinners, but because one person (Jesus Christ) obeyed God many will be made righteous.”Romans 5:19

We need to remember that we will always fall short without God, no matter how much we think we’ve achieved. We can always do more with Christ. Always remember that God will forgive all we’ve done if we turn from our shortcomings in life and seek Him above all else. Psalm 29 ends showing us this side of our God.

“. . . The Lord rules over the floodwaters,

the Lord reigns as king forever.

The Lord gives His people strength,

The Lord blesses them with peace.”  –Psalm 29:10-11

Remember always that Christianity isn’t about following rules. God knows we can’t live a life deserving of what He has for us. Following Jesus isn’t about guilt trips, but relationships. Remember that God’s love is greater than we as humans can imagine. Living a Godly life comes with God’s transformation when His Spirit fills us. We aren’t expected to be perfect – that’s what Jesus did for us. Remember Christianity is about living a life of love, and showing others the love that only comes with Jesus especially when they “don’t deserve it” – because neither do we.