Expecting the Unexpected

When you were younger, how much did you think of the future? How often did you make little lists in your head, stating all the things you wanted to do in life, let’s say, by the time you retire? Think back to how many of those things are still your goals. If you’re anything like me, there probably aren’t too many.

I had my goals all drawn out in my head during high school. Graduate college, get married, start my own architecture firm, design my own house, become a world-renowned architect. It’s kind of funny to look back on now; only three and a half years later. My goals have changed so drastically in such a short amount of time.

It’s amazing in life what the simple things can do. It’s amazing what living life on your own can do to your state of mind and your values in life. When I look back on where I was in high school, it’s shocking. My goals seem so shallow and impersonal. Almost all of them have changed; all except getting married. Now I don’t even know if I’ll wind up as an architect, and I could really care less about becoming world-renowned for it. I also don’t really care about starting my own firm, and as college seems to drag on and on, it starts to seem less relevant as well, although I know it’s still important.

As my college experience has grown on, so has my maturity and understanding of the world, and where I want to be, as well as where God wants me to be. I no longer seem to care about materialistic possessions so much anymore; as I’ve grown more interested in my relationships, and how I can impact those around me throughout my life. I consistently pray for those around me, and those loved by me, and I’ve consistently worried if I’ve lived up to my God-given potential in life thus far. It’s scary to think of where life could have led if we would have done one thing differently; taken one more chance. I often wonder if certain decisions would have made me a better person in life; which is when I have to start looking at the bible verses about God’s will, and how He’ll always get you where he wants you if you put your trust in him. It feels so foolish to wonder so much about seemingly little things. I know I need to trust in God more, and take more chances with him in order to get where he wants me to go, and often times it brings up some tough decisions. Through these tough decisions, I believe we discover who we really are, and where we really want, and more importantly need, to be in life.

My goals have drastically changed from worldly success to being an influence to those around me; from graduating college, to following God’s plan, and not being afraid to risk the path less traveled. I’ve changed from a boy wanting to be in a design magazine, to a man wanting to be in a Christian magazine, and possibly on a book store shelf. My goals have changed from goals defining success to the world, to goals defining success to God. I thought I knew exactly what would become of me, and now I have no idea. I’d have it no other way.

What do you think?

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