A New Stairway

The questions keep coming.

Right before I left for Christmas break, I was doing a lot of questioning of where I wanted to be in life at the end of it all. I tried to sort through my life, and choose which things I would like to hang on to forever. I started to research writing, and how to start out as a freelance writer, and came across a writing school that teaches what it takes to get published, and helps you get to that point in your writing. This is a career I’ve been interested in a lot lately, so I looked into it, and took the online writing test they provided in order to see if my writing was at a level that I could improve to the point of publishing. The following week, I prayed to God that he would do His will through this test, and that if it isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be. I prayed to God that He would only let me get accepted to the course if He wanted me to pursue it, and that if it’s not what He wanted from me, I prayed that God would send me a rejection letter.

As the break went on, I started thinking less and less about this test, and started to attempt to look on the bright side of school and the degree I’m currently pursuing. I’d have a thought every so often about the test; mainly out of curiosity; but it was fading in my mind.

That is until I got a call from the school that issued the test, and they told me I was accepted. They told me there was an information packet waiting for me in Laramie, and that I should call if I have any more questions. The thoughts all came back. Before this point, I started to forget the prayer to God I made, and it suddenly came roaring back into my mind. I’ve been praying to God lately that He give me an opportunity to get me off my butt and start acting on His will, and this was a way He could do that. I started to remember the things I prayed, and the things I’ve been writing recently about how my biggest flaw in life is fear; my fear of taking the first step in a positive direction towards Godliness. I’ve been writing about how that’s the main thing I need to work on, and how much of a hypocrite I am for saying I’d do anything for God, and then being afraid to act when He shows me what to do. This is an opportunity to seek God’s will, and see where He takes me in life, and I don’t think I can pass it up again.

The main questions I have now are what I’ll do while I’m in this program, which is two years. Can I continue school? or should I just get a job? should I be doing something else completely different for God’s kingdom? After reading over my last post, it seems that God has big plans forĀ  me in my current place in life, and I once again need to take that first step, or find out how to do so. The first step is always hardest. Pray for me and the direction I’m supposed to take in life.